The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Skills Exam is a crucial step toward becoming a certified nursing assistant, so it’s important to prepare thoroughly. Here are some common mistakes candidates make during the CNA Skills Exam:
1. Lack of preparation: Many candidates underestimate the importance of thorough preparation. They may not fully understand the exam format, scoring criteria, or specific skills being tested.
2. Failure to follow instructions: Candidates may lose points for not following instructions precisely. It’s essential to carefully read each task and follow the steps as outlined.
3. Poor hygiene practices: Maintaining proper hygiene is critical in healthcare settings. Candidates may lose points for not washing their hands properly or not using gloves when necessary.
4. Improper body mechanics: CNAs must use proper body mechanics to prevent injury to themselves and their patients. Incorrect lifting, transferring, or positioning techniques can result in points deducted.
5. Inadequate communication: Effective communication is vital in healthcare. Candidates may lose points for failing to communicate clearly with patients, colleagues, or evaluators.
6. Failure to prioritize tasks: CNAs often have multiple tasks to complete in a limited amount of time. Candidates may lose points for not prioritizing tasks effectively or for not completing tasks in a timely manner.
7. Inattention to patient safety: Patient safety is paramount in healthcare. Candidates may lose points for not taking appropriate safety precautions or for putting patients at risk.
8. Ignoring infection control procedures: Infection control is essential to prevent the spread of disease. Candidates may lose points for not following proper infection control procedures, such as not properly disinfecting equipment or not wearing personal protective equipment when necessary.
9. Lack of empathy: CNAs must demonstrate empathy and compassion toward their patients. Candidates may lose points for not showing empathy or for not addressing patients’ emotional needs.
10. Failure to ask for help when needed: CNAs should recognize when they need assistance and ask for help when necessary. Candidates may lose points for not seeking assistance when faced with a challenging task or situation.
By being aware of these common mistakes and taking steps to avoid them, candidates can increase their chances of success on the CNA Skills Exam. Practice, thorough preparation, and attention to detail are key to passing the exam with flying colors.

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