School – Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the nurse aide training program, the school will issue the student a training program completion certificate, allowing the student to schedule testing for the written/oral and skills competency examination with the state or national examining bodies. Testing will be scheduled according to the testing body’s rules and regulations. National Certifications are in order for the Medical Assistant training program, the Patient Care Technician program, the EKG Training Program, and the Phlebotomy Training Program. There is state certification for the Medication Aide Training Program. There is no state certification for the Proxy Care Giving Training Program, but a completion certificate will be issued by Good Nursing and Medical Training.

State and National Certification Examination

After completing the approved training program/s, candidates are allowed to take the State or the relevant National Certification exams and the state competency evaluation examination. The examination includes a written/oral and skills competency examination that is evaluated by an approved Registered Nurse with the approved testing agency. Candidates who successfully pass the written/oral and skills competency examination proctored by Pearson Vue will be listed on the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry. The student will have three (3) attempts at passing the written/oral and skills competency examination within one year. After the third attempt without passing the competency examination, the student must retake the nurse aide training program.

Certification Renewal for CNA

Candidates must renew their certification every two years to stay active on the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry. To remain on the registry and be eligible to work in a licensed facility, the nurse aide must meet the requirements for re-certification. Federal Regulations require that the nurse aide must be compensated as a CNA and work a minimum of eight hours within the last 24 consecutive months under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. If the nurse aide is unable to meet this requirement, then the nurse aide must take and pass the written/oral and skills competency examination again to update their certification. If the CNA’s certification has expired for three or more years from the date of the last re-certification date, then a new state-approved Nurse Aide Training Program must be completed.

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