Here, we provide essential details regarding program costs, fees, and payment options. Understanding the financial aspects of your education is crucial, and we’re committed to providing transparent and comprehensive information to help you make informed decisions.

Payment Policy

The cost of programs presented by Good Nursing and Medical Training will be posted in the school and will be available to students at admissions and at their request. All programs will have a non-refundable application fee. All students are required to pay all fees relating to the program. All fees will be discussed and presented to the student prior to the start of the program during the admission process.

The school will accept cash, credit, money orders, personal checks, and online payments. Payment plans are available, and students will agree to a payment plan at the time of admission. A schedule for payments will be set at the time of admission.

Good Nursing & Medical Training Refund Policy

This refund policy is in accordance with GNPEC’s Minimum Standard 12. The student has the right to withdraw from a program of instruction at any time. If the student withdraws after the period of time allowed for cancellation of the contract, which is until midnight of the third business day after the first class the student attended, the institution will remit a refund minus a non-refundable application fee of $100 within 30 days following the date of the student’s withdrawal. The student is required to pay only for educational services rendered, non-refundable charges, and any unreturned equipment.

Refunds are determined based on the proration of tuition and percentage of the program completed at withdrawal, up until 50% of the program. If the student has been issued equipment, as specified in the enrollment agreement as a separate charge, and the student returns the equipment in good condition, allowing for reasonable wear and tear, within a 30-day period, the institution will refund the amount paid for the equipment. If the student fails to return the equipment in good condition within this 30-day period, allowing for reasonable wear and tear, the institution will offset the cost of the equipment against the refund. The student will be liable for the amount, if any, by which the documented cost of the equipment exceeds the prorated refund amount. The documented cost of the equipment may be less than the amount charged, and the amount the institution has charged in the enrollment agreement. In any event, the student will never be charged more than the equipment charges stated in the enrollment agreement.

Students shall receive a full refund including the registration fee through attendance of the first class session or the seventh day after enrollment, whichever is later. After that time, the student will receive a full refund less the non-refundable application fee of $100 (if paid) within 30 days of the cancellation date. At the end of the cancellation period, the student has the right to withdraw up to 50% of completion of the course and the right to receive a refund for part of the course not taken. No refund if the student withdraws more than 50% of attendance, except for extenuating circumstances, for example, illness, severe injuries, and death in the family.

If the amount the student has paid is more than the amount that is owed to the institution for the time that the student has attended, a refund will be made within 30 days of withdrawal. If the amount that the student owes is more than the amount that has already been paid, the student will have to make arrangements to pay the balance due by meeting with the Accounting Department.

For the purpose of determining the amount that the student owes for the time attended, the student shall be deemed to have withdrawn from classes when any of the following conditions apply:

  1. The student notifies the school of his/her withdrawal or the actual date of withdrawal.
  2. The school terminates the student’s enrollment.
  3. The student fails to attend for a 14-day period. In this case, the date of withdrawal for purposes of determining a refund and lender notification, if applicable, shall be the last date of recorded attendance.
  4. Therefore, the student’s withdrawal date is the last date of academic attendance as determined by the School from its attendance records. The withdrawal date for a student who does not return from an approved leave of absence is the date on which the student fails to return as determined by the School’s signed documentation.

If any portion of the tuition has been paid from the proceeds of a loan, any refund due will be sent to the LENDER or to the agency that guaranteed the loan, if any. Any remaining refund amount will first be used to repay any student financial aid programs from which the student received benefits in proportion to the amount of the benefits received. Any remaining balance of the refund will be paid to the student.

Late Fees

If payments are not made when scheduled, the student will be charged a late fee of $10.00 per late payment. Students will be dropped from the program if fees are not paid. The student must pay late fees and balance to be eligible for clinical, school final exam, or graduation. Failure to comply with the guidelines set forth at the admission/enrollment process will result in further disciplinary action and/or withdrawal from the program.

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