There is a Learning Recourse area available to all students that includes books in subjects related to healthcare subjects that each student can check out and use as a supplement during class time. Students are welcome to ask for additional learning resources to assist them in their learning opportunities. Good Nursing will supply according to the needs and relevance of the student’s learning ability. The learning resource system includes:

  • Computers with internet and printing services
  • DVDs adequate for course learning and demonstration of skills and techniques.
  • Internet assignments and Internet testing
  • Learning management system for hybrid presentations
  • Online self-study and assessment pertaining to the course of study
  • On-site reference materials and books for additional study and understanding of course content
  • Current textbooks are adequate for student learning
  • Open lab hours for students who want to study or practice skills.
  • Copy machines and fax machines are available for students’ use
  • Supplement materials to textbooks such as handout materials related to the subject

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