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Program Duration

  • 102 Hours Day Program
  • 92 Hours Evening Program
  • 102 Hours Weekend Program


The day course consists of 102 hours, and the evening program is 92 hours. Students must attend class every day and be on time. Due to the critical nature of the program, students may not make up more than one classroom day. Clinical attendance is mandatory and may not be made up. Students who miss one day of clinical will have to attend another class at the program’s convenience. All students must attend class according to the time approved by the state to receive a Certificate of Completion. Students are responsible for their books, state exam fee, blood pressure kit, shoes and socks, a watch with a second hand and pen, pencil, highlighter. Student will wear black scrubs to class and the school will give a complimentary pair of blue scrubs for clinical.

Educational Goals

This program aims to:

  • Introduce the learner to the healthcare field of nursing assistants.
  • Provide learners with experiences, knowledge, and skills in the classroom, lab, and clinical area that would result in the development of basic competencies required of nursing assistants.
  • Provide the learner with competencies that are prerequisites to specific areas and job entry.
  • Provide the learner with the training required by State and Federal laws for employment as a nursing assistant.
  • Prepare the students to pass the National Certification Examination.

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